Our history begins during the 50s in a small workshop of handmade belts.

In it, Miguel Bellido Martín establishes the basic principles of the company derived from his deep knowledge of the trade and his attention to every small detail of the manufacturing process. It is these details that give the products Miguel Bellido a quality and an impeccable finish that, together with its marked artisan character, explain the success that the brand has had since its early years of activity. A decade later and after the growing demand for Miguel Bellido products, the headquarters moved to Manzanares (Ciudad Real) where it remains today. In 1970 one of the great milestones of the company took place when the legal society was created Miguel Bellido SA This evolution expands the horizons of the business and supposes the opening of new markets in Europe and the United States. In addition, during this decade, other leather articles are being manufactured.

Currently, Miguel Bellido is a reference and indisputable leader in the sector of the skin complements, present in more than 30 countries.

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