“Nothing is as constant as change” (Heraclites)
We are among the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality apparel damasks (Africa damask) as well as fashion fabrics for shirts and blouses.
Corporate fashion as well as technical fabrics round off the innovative product range

The family business Getzner, Mutter & Cie was founded in 1818 by Christian Getzner, Franz Xaver Mutter and Andreas Gassner. In 1819, the first red dying mill in Western Austria was opened in Feldkirch, and at the same time also the company’s first machine spinning mill.
In 1820, the company employed around 3,000 homeworkers for the spinning mill and weaving mill around Bludenz and the adjoining valleys.
In 1827, Christian Getzner and his partners took over the municipal bleaching plant in Bludenz and thus established the place of operations that even today houses the company’s head office.

Other businesses were established in the decades that followed, and the early opening up of international markets formed the cornerstone for the current international importance.
In 1980, the textile area of Getzner, Mutter & Cie., a company with so much tradition, was spun off as an independent company in the legal form of an incorporated company.
The thus created Geztner Textil AG is one of the largest colour weaving mills in the world.

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